Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Cockroaches are known to hide in dark, damp areas close to food and water sources. This makes the kitchen a perfect place for them to hide. They can be found under sinks, behind appliances, and even in cracks in the baseboards. You can also spot them if you notice an odd odor coming from your home.

Cockroaches can fit into tiny spaces as small as one sixteenth of an inch, so you must take precautions to prevent infestation. The first step to preventing cockroaches in your home is to clean out the food source in your kitchen. The food and water source can be found under kitchen sinks.

Another place where cockroaches can hide is on the backside of mirrors and pictures. Cockroaches can also hide on the inside of doors. Keeping your doors and windows open will help keep them out of your home. Remember to regularly clean them, and do not leave behind their egg cases. This can result in a new colony.

Cockroaches can live on a variety of materials, including cardboard boxes and stacks of paper. They love paper because it is a source of both food and shelter. If you have piles of paper, make sure to keep them off the floor and store them in drawers instead. If you can’t keep them off the floor, consider using plastic totes or boxes.