How Long Can a Cockroach Live?

The length of a cockroach’s life depends on its size and habitat. The larger the species, the longer its lifespan. Female cockroaches can live for up to 50 days without food or water. They also have a higher survival rate when the humidity is high. In fact, all species could live for one month without food or water in environments with about 36 – 40% humidity. The biological processes of cockroaches are directly affected by ambient temperature. When temperatures are high, cockroaches are more active and have higher survival rates.

The average cockroach can survive without food and water for several weeks. However, cockroaches are highly sensitive to dehydration. Even a few days without water make them sluggish and weak. Moreover, a dehydrated cockroach begins to lose weight immediately. Its mitosis cycle also slows down.

The body of a cockroach is made up of several small segments that allow it to breathe. Because the cockroach’s circulatory system is open, it can survive submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it can breathe without a head, but it is not the best swimmer.

A cockroach’s life cycle has three stages: the egg stage, nymph stage, and adulthood. In the first stage, a cockroach is a white nymph, and after about a month, it develops a brown exoskeleton.