How Cockroaches Get in House

Cockroaches can get into a house through a number of different ways. They can enter a home through a crack in a wall or door, a rip in a screen, or a hole in a foundation. They can also enter through plumbing and air conditioning units. They often live in dark corners of the house, so make sure you inspect your home regularly for signs of cockroaches.

Roaches are omnivorous and will search for food sources anywhere. They are attracted to sugar and starches, and even meats. They can also eat things such as cardboard and leather, so keep these materials in mind when cleaning. Luckily, cockroaches won’t eat things like toothpaste or glue.

You can prevent roaches from entering your home by sealing cracks and gaps. Keep garbage and food in airtight containers and don’t leave food items out in the open. Glue strips and other solutions can also be used to block cockroaches from entering your home.

Another way to prevent cockroaches is to clean and empty garbage regularly. Cockroaches can survive without food for weeks, but if there’s a high moisture content in the garbage or recycling bin, they will require liquids. Once they’ve found a source of food, they can move from the trash can to your house. Cockroaches can also chew through plastic containers.