How Can Cockroaches Kill You?

A large amount of people fear cockroaches, but in reality, this pest is not a big threat. Although their bite causes strong repugnance, cockroaches are not capable of killing humans. Even the smallest cockroaches do not carry disease, but their poop does carry several germs that can harm your health.

Cockroach bites can cause an allergic reaction, which occurs when your white blood cells attack the allergens on cockroaches. The allergens are proteins found in the cockroach’s body, saliva, and feces. This reaction can be triggered by direct contact with cockroaches or by exposure to their droppings.

It is important to keep your home clean. This will keep cockroaches away. You can also use a chemical to kill them, but be aware of its toxic effects. The toxins in these products can cause harm to children and pets, and they don’t solve the problem long term. The safest way to kill roaches is to eliminate their sources of food and water. This method is not only more effective, but it is also more humane.

One common method of killing a cockroach is crushing its head. Cockroaches are extremely resilient. They can survive with their head crushed for 10 to 20 days before dying from starvation. Cockroaches also have ganglia in each segment of their bodies, so even if the head is crushed, the rest of their body will still remain responsive.