Do Cockroaches Have Nests?

Cockroaches do not require large nests to build a home. They prefer a spot that is both hidden and safe, such as the underside of a refrigerator, behind a television set, or near the kitchen sink. Nests vary in shape and size, but you can usually spot them by looking for piles of discarded oothecae. The nests are made of various materials, including egg cases, molted skin, and fecal matter.

You can also use a flashlight to search for nesting sites. Whenever you turn on the light, cockroaches will run back to their hiding spots. Be sure to keep a vacuum nearby for easy cleaning. In addition, you should look for nesting signs and feces, which may look like small peppercorns or mouse poop.

Cockroaches can also live off cardboard boxes. They feed on starch, so they are fond of cereal boxes. They can also climb walls and cabinets and enter linen closets. They can even lay eggs inside clothing. Cockroaches can live in a home’s basement if the location is warm and humid.

It’s important to note that cockroaches are very active at night. Usually, they are busy eating, cleaning, and performing other biological functions during the day. Their activity continues until four hours after dark. After that, they enter a period of immobility, which is actually a form of sleep.