Do Cockroaches Fly?

Most individuals believe that all animals and insects with wings usually fly. Cockroaches, one of the animals in the class Insecta, also have wings, thus making many people ask, do cockroaches fly? Animal researchers have carried various studies to determine if the cockroaches fly. This article provides the perfect response to this common question.

Most cockroach species rarely get off the ground with their wings to fly. Despite having wings like other flying insects, they never use the wings to fly. However, some species like the German cockroaches have usually tried to move above the ground without success. The high body mass hinders their ability to fly, as large slow-flying creatures become easy prey for predators, such as insects or bats. The primary use of cockroaches’ wings is to maneuver, glide and sometimes they are necessary for helping the cockroach to evade danger. The wings will be essential for allowing them to move very fast from their predators.

Do Cockroaches Fly Short distances?

Despite lacking the ability to fly, some cockroach species can fly but for very short distances. These species will only fly if the conditions allow them to fly around the area. The conditions should be cold or warm for them to fly but for a shorter time and distance. The species that may use their wings to fly are the smoky brown, Australian, and wood cockroaches. These cockroaches majorly use their flying ability for evasive purposes to evade some of their predators, such as bats and birds. The maximum distance that these insect species can fly is about 100 meters.

Ultimately, cockroaches have wings that most individuals think they use for flying. However, being relatively large creatures with a heavy body mass, these insects don’t usually fly; instead, they use their wings to glide and evade their enemies after sensing danger. Nonetheless, a few species such as the wood, Australian, and smoky brown can fly though they don’t fly for long distances and time.

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