Why Do I Keep Finding Bed Bugs in My Bathtub?

You might be wondering, “Why do I keep finding bed bugs in my bathtub?” The answer is simple: Bedbugs produce excrement, which is black or dark brown in color. These insects are attracted to carbon dioxide from sleeping people and will crawl around the bed looking for the source of carbon dioxide. Once they find it, they will bite. The adults are about one-fourth inch long, and they can be found near the seams of mattresses and behind headboards.

The bedbug’s feeding cycle is a bit different from the other insects that live in our homes. It takes at least five days to complete a full life cycle. However, if the weather is cold, the feeding process can be slower. Also, unlike ticks, bedbugs do not burrow into the skin. Instead, they use a long, sharp beak called a proboscis.

Another way that bedbugs can get into your home is by visiting a neighbor’s house. They might have been transported there by a previous occupant, or they may have moved there from another home. If you live in an apartment building, the bedbugs can also be transferred to your home from your neighbor’s apartment.

Heat treatments are another popular way to get rid of bedbugs in your bathtub. These treatments can kill bedbugs in the bathroom and are highly effective. If you are concerned about bedbugs in your bathtub, consider contacting a pest control company that specializes in killing bedbugs. These companies are well-versed in the feeding habits of bedbugs and can help you identify them.

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