Why Do Bed Bugs Stink When You Kill Them?

If you’ve ever been in a room where bed bugs live, you’re probably wondering why they stink. The smell is one of their ways of communicating with one another, and also a way to stay hidden. If you’re tired of the stench, consider hiring a professional bed bug removal service.

To identify if bed bugs have infested your home, you can start looking for small red or brown stains on your bed sheets. These stains are usually small and appear as splotchy dots or streaks. Over time, the stains will fade to a lighter color.

While they don’t transmit disease, bed bugs emit a strong, unpleasant odor when they’re threatened or killed. While bed bugs feed on human blood during the day, they also eat a wide variety of plants and insects, including other pests. In fact, some consider them a beneficial predator. In any case, you can find them near doors and windows. If you find them on a bed, be sure to remove them from the bed immediately.

Bed bugs produce alarm pheromones that are similar to the smell of stink bugs. At higher concentrations, this odor is very unpleasant. In some cases, the smell is so strong that it resembles the smell of coriander. That’s why, in older literature, the bed bug is referred to as the coriander bug.

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