Why Do Bed Bugs Leave a Shell?

In a bed bug infestation, you may notice a faint, musty smell and small, black specks on your bedding. These are not the bugs themselves, but the remains of their exoskeletons. You may also notice the odor of excrement. The odor of bedbug excrement is similar to that of wet dog or moldy clothing. It comes from the pheromones that these bugs emit. The stronger the odor, the more severe the infestation is.

Bedbugs need to feed to grow and survive. They can live without food for 400 days, but you should feed them frequently, especially the nymphs. They feed once a week to grow and reach sexual maturity. A bedbug will shed its shell a couple of times during its life.

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to contact a pest control service right away. There are a variety of methods available for getting rid of these pesky bugs, including vacuuming the affected area outside the home. If these methods do not work, you can hire an exterminator to help you out.

Bedbugs shed their shells after they have completed their blood feedings. The adult female will feed before laying eggs, and she will shed her shells at the end of every two weeks. Once the female has finished breeding, she will stop shedding its shells. This process happens as a sign that the infestation is growing. The shell casings are also a sign that the population is steadily growing and that there are juveniles feeding regularly.

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