Why Can’t Bed Bugs Crawl on Plastic?

One reason why bed bugs can’t crawl on plastic is that it is a smooth material. They find it taxing to climb this material. They will eventually give up and look for an alternative route. They prefer to live in a place with a more natural texture. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent bedbugs from coming into contact with your furniture or home.

First, keep your furniture away from the wall. Bedbugs can scale walls and wooden furniture. They use their claws to cling to the cracks and ridges of these surfaces. They cannot climb on plastic or smooth surfaces, so it is important to keep your furniture and beds away from the wall.

Another reason to keep your furniture and other items away from bedbugs is to use plastic bags. These bags can trap bedbugs, and you can dispose of them quickly. Just remember to make sure to seal them well before throwing them out. If you find that the infestation is serious, you may have to discard the items to protect yourself from the bugs.

Plastic bags are not completely airtight. They can trap bedbugs but this won’t protect them from other insects. If you do trap the bugs in a plastic bag, you’ll have to thoroughly clean it afterwards. You can’t catch everything, so it’s better to use bags that can keep bedbugs from coming back.

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