Which is the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

If you have bed bugs in your home, you need to know which is the best way to kill them. If you can’t spray the entire area, the best option is to apply bed bug powder around the perimeter of the room. Apply it inside outlet boxes, too. But be aware that sprays and electricity don’t mix. Using an old makeup brush or bellow duster will help spread residual insecticide powder over hard surfaces.

You can also inspect furniture and look for hidden hiding places of bedbugs. Bedbugs often hide in soft furnishings and drawers. If you find an infested mattress, toss it immediately. Moreover, make sure to vacuum the whole room thoroughly to remove any traces of bed bugs.

There are many different kinds of insecticides available in the market. Several of them are available in liquid, dust and aerosol form. It’s best to use a combination of these products to completely eliminate the bed bugs from your home. For best results, spray the inside of cabinetry, including bottom and sides of drawers. Afterwards, remove the clothes from the drawers and wash them.

Heat treatment is another option to kill bed bugs. The heat treatment kills bedbugs by dehydrating their bodies. Alternatively, you can wash all the affected items in hot water to kill the bugs. The temperature should be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill them. Then, place the cleaned clothes in a separate room. When the laundry is done, you can chemically treat them before sending them out.

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