Where Do Bed Bugs Hide on Your Body?

While bedbugs don’t live on your body, you might think they do. This is because they feed on your blood, which makes them more likely to bite you if you’re not lying still. Your hair is also an obstacle that bedbugs have difficulty navigating. They prefer bare skin and won’t remain on your hair after feeding.

The eggs that bedbugs lay are small, white seeds that are very difficult to vacuum up. Moreover, the bedbugs usually lay their eggs in central areas. Then, they feed for about 2 to 5 minutes before retreating to their hiding place. This process may take several weeks. Their droppings are filled with blood.

Blood stains caused by bedbugs may appear on your clothes and sheets. The bugs feed by inserting their sharp proboscis into the skin and feeding. The blood meal may last for three minutes or for as long as 10 minutes. They are more likely to feed if their host is inactive or sleeping.

A bedbug’s hiding place will depend on its ability to find a host. Because they feed off of blood, their hiding places are closely related to their host’s ability to stay under cover. This can make their hideouts extremely difficult to detect, which can make controlling the infestation more difficult.

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