When Do Bed Bugs Turn Brown?

Some people think that bedbugs are black in color, but that’s not the case. Their coloration depends on their age, food source, and feeding status. As they mature, they start to lose their reddish hue and turn a darker brown or black. When they are young, they are semi-translucent, and their abdomens are filled with blood, which makes them appear spotted. Adults are light brown, with a flat oval body and an engorged abdomen.

Bedbugs can bite anywhere on the body. They also have the ability to detect carbon dioxide in the breath of humans. This allows them to pinpoint where they are and bite. The first step to getting rid of these pesky bugs is to check upholstered furniture in your home. Look closely at folds, seams, and skirts. Sofas and recliners are often major bedbug hotspots, so check these areas as well.

Adult bedbugs have a flat body and can be a quarter of an inch long. They are oval-shaped and can become enlarged after feeding. Adult bedbugs only feed about three to ten minutes each night and can go longer without feeding. They usually feed every six to ten days.

Another way to spot bedbugs is to look for their eggs and feces. The eggs of bedbugs look like pale poppy seeds. They can be found under loose wallpaper near your bed. You may also find them under desks and in drawers.

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