What is the Average Cost of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

The average cost of bed bug extermination will depend on a number of factors. For instance, you will need to choose a service that offers the most efficient method of extermination. Some companies charge a flat fee for multiple treatments, while others charge by the number of visits. If you choose to receive a service more frequently, you can expect to pay more, but most exterminators have competitive rates.

The cost of bed bug treatment varies depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of treatment required. Standard treatments require removing outlets, carpet edges, and personal belongings. Other treatments, like heat treatment, require certain materials such as mattresses and curtains. If you don’t mind removing your personal belongings, you may opt for a more expensive service.

Fumigation is the most effective way of getting rid of bed bugs. This method involves tenting the entire room and spraying it with a substance that kills all living creatures. The affected area is then flushed with clean air, which removes any residual chemicals. During the treatment, you may need to temporarily relocate until the extermination is complete. In some cases, fumigation can kill both bedbugs and termites.

Fumigation is a more expensive option but will completely eradicate bed bugs in one shot. A professional fumigation company will seal off your home and pump in a gas that kills bed bugs as well as the other critters in the house. This process can cost anywhere from $183 to $500 per room and will eliminate all signs of bed bugs.

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