What Can You Eat to Deter Bed Bugs?

Foods that deter bed bugs can be simple, yet effective. Many of these smelly foods come from plants, and the aromas that they produce make these pests repelled by them. Lemon juice, for example, has anti-bed bug properties. You can even make a lemon juice solution that will make it more difficult for bed bugs to access your bed.

Bananas and other banana products are also good for keeping bugs away. Bananas contain octanol, a natural chemical that bugs do not like. Additionally, eating bananas regularly is good for your health. Adding basil to your pasta also helps repel bugs.

Lavender is also a natural insect repellent. It has an aroma that deters bed bugs and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can also apply lavender oil to your bed. Tea tree oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant and is known to be effective against bacteria. The oil can also be used to treat an infestation by eliminating bed bugs.

A good way to prevent bed bug infestations is to eliminate their breeding grounds. While these methods won’t kill them, they will at least reduce the number of bites you experience each night. You can even purchase pajamas and mattress encasements that contain bed bug repellents. Heating up your room can also kill the bugs.

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