What Can I Put on Me to Reprevent Bed Bugs?

If you have a bed bug problem, the best way to repel them is to put a scent-repelling substance on your skin, such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil kills bed bugs when they come in contact with it, and it has a pleasant aroma. The essential oil also contains antimicrobial properties and is effective at destroying fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Vinegar is another natural remedy to repel bed bugs. Its strong scent can overwhelm the bed bug nervous system and corrode the protective chemicals on its exoskeletons. The smell also dries out the bugs. Garlic is another natural insect repellent that is effective against bed bugs. It contains a compound called allicin, which is released when a garlic clove is cut.

Another popular natural remedy to repel bedbugs is lavender. Lavender has a pleasant smell and is used for aromatherapy. It is also said to relieve mild pain. Lavender has a compound called linalool, which is naturally produced by 200 species of plants. This substance is also used in many pesticides.

Bedbugs communicate by emitting pheromones, which act as signals. When they feel threatened, they release these alarm pheromones to alert other insects. Killing a bedbug will also kill its scent glands and release a faint blood scent. The earlier the bedbug is killed, the fresher the blood scent will be.

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