What Bed Bugs Are Attracted To?

There has been a lot of talk about what bed bugs are attracted to, but no one knows for sure. In fact, the common myth is that they are attracted to blood. Although that can be true in some cases, it’s not entirely true. One study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that bedbugs prefer alcohol-free blood. While bedbugs can’t smell blood, they do have a long tube that allows them to pierce your skin to suck up your blood.

Bedbugs are drawn to various colors, but they are particularly attracted to red and black objects. This is because these colors allow them to hide from predators and remain undetected. Additionally, dirty laundry also attracts them. It smells just like the host they’re searching for. In addition to that, bedbugs recognize the human body as a source of heat.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chance of getting bedbugs. For one thing, avoid leaving your laundry in the hamper. Not only does this encourage these insects to converge in one place, but it also gives them a place to congregate. Lastly, keep your bedsheets and clothes clean. These can serve as a bug hive and can also attract bedbugs.

Bedbugs thrive in dark, still places where they can hide. This is why you’ll often find them in the seams of mattresses or near places where people sleep. These places are perfect breeding grounds, and they’re also easily accessible because people don’t clean them often. Additionally, couches are a good source of habitat because they’re close to people with exposed skin.