How to Tell If You Have Bedbugs

It can be difficult to tell if you have bedbugs without actually seeing them. The tiny black dots and blood stains that they leave behind can look like mold or black pepper. You may also experience itchy skin, but that does not always mean that you have bedbugs. Many different things can cause itchy skin, so the first step is to look for actual bugs.

A mature bedbug is the size of an apple seed and reddish brown. When it feeds, it will swell up like a balloon. After feeding, it will turn back to reddish-brown. Then it will be a few days before it returns to its normal red color.

People who have been bitten by bedbugs have a tendency to develop an allergic reaction to their bites. However, in some cases, people don’t react at all. Often, bedbug bites are so small that they don’t cause any pain. Most people will only notice the welts if they have a severe infestation.

Another way to identify bedbugs is by looking for fecal matter. These stains can appear on your bed, furniture, and mattresses. The fecal matter is deposited by the insects while they are feeding on your blood. These stains can also appear on your walls, paint, and wallpaper.

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