How Small Bed Bugs Are

You might be wondering how small bed bugs are. The fact is that they are very small, and they’re difficult to see, especially if you’re distracted. Adult bed bugs are only four to five millimeters long. While they can appear to be tiny, they’re actually quite hard to spot unless you know how to identify them, as well as their eggs, nymphs, and signs.

Whether you’re dealing with a big infestation or a relatively small infestation, there are a few things you can do to control them. First, you should clean your home. You can vacuum frequently, but you won’t be able to get them all. You can also put non-washable items in a plastic bag or freeze them. You can also use pack-tite to seal these items.

Second, it’s important to remove infested furniture. This way, you’ll limit the chance of the bed bugs spreading to other parts of the home. Alternatively, you can place drop cloths over the affected areas of the home. Drop cloths are inexpensive, large sheets of plastic that you can seal with tape.

A third important step is to treat the infested area of the home. If the infestation is widespread, the owner or tenant of the house or apartment needs to cooperate with the pest controller. Bed bugs disperse throughout the building, so you may need to clean additional rooms or remove clutter before the treatment begins. Clutter and other areas may become hiding spots for the bugs, making it impossible to treat them.

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