How Small Are Bed Bugs Babies?

If you are concerned about bedbugs, you might be wondering how small they are. They are much smaller than cockroaches and are easily visible to the naked eye. During their first meal, these insects are a pale yellow color and have three body parts. As the blood inside their body starts to ferment, they become brown. The next phase of their life cycle involves molting.

In the first two stages of their development, baby bed bugs are about half the size of adults. However, as they develop, they get bigger and larger until they are approximately the size of an apple seed. Once they have eaten their meal, they begin to shed their skin and grow larger. As the bedbug reaches adulthood, it will be around six weeks before it becomes fully grown.

Bedbugs lay about 200 to 500 white eggs in their lifetime. These eggs are laid on rough surfaces close to their hosts and hatch in 10 to 15 days. The eggs are then attached to the surface using a cement-like substance. Bedbugs go through five different nymphal stages, with each stage requiring a blood meal before molting. Depending on temperature, the life cycle of bed bugs can take anywhere from five weeks to four months to reach adulthood.

A bedbug infestation is very difficult to remove. The bugs are very discreet and can be difficult to detect. When you find them, you may be wondering, “How small are bed bugs babies?”

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