How Often Do I Need to Spray For Bed Bugs?

A good way to control bed bugs is to use a heat treatment. This method is effective in killing the insects, but it can be expensive. A heat treatment can kill the bed bugs by heating up the room to 120 degrees F. If the heat treatment does not work, you can place plastic bags full of items in the freezer for two or three days. This will kill the bed bugs in the bag and also kill them in the home. However, it can be uncomfortable to vacuum the area after a heat treatment. To minimize the discomfort, you should wait at least three or four hours after the heat treatment before you begin vacuuming.

To find the bed bugs, inspect the mattress thoroughly and check for any signs of an infestation. Look for blood spots, nymphs, or cast skins. If you find any of these things, you’re probably dealing with an infestation. If you see live bugs, you’ll need to buy a pesticide and prepare the room before you apply it.

A good pest management plan will use a combination of treatments and monitoring to ensure bed bug elimination. Depending on the type of infestation, you may need several follow-up treatments before the problem is completely eliminated. In most cases, the first treatment will only kill a few bugs. If you find any more bed bugs, you’ll have to repeat the treatment. Depending on the level of infestation, it may take up to three times to eliminate all of the bugs.

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