How Much Does Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Cost?

Heat treatment is a relatively effective way to eliminate bed bugs. The treatment is usually conducted in the home by a professional exterminator, who uses special equipment to bring the temperature to a high enough level to kill off the bugs. Usually, the temperature is regulated to 118degF or higher, and most bed bugs die at this temperature. However, the treatment can take a long time to complete because bed bugs can reproduce while the heat treatment is taking effect.

Heat treatment is highly recommended for those who have a bed bug infestation. The procedure involves heating a room to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and using fans to circulate the hot air. While the heat treatment is very effective at killing bed bugs, the cost is usually much higher than that of conventional methods. In some cases, heat treatment may cost as much as a few thousand dollars for a whole house.

Whether the heat treatment is done using propane tanks, electric heaters, or blowing hot air through the vents, the treatment is highly effective for eliminating the bugs from your home. Once the treatment is complete, the bed bugs will have been killed completely. A heat treatment should take no longer than a few hours, depending on how much time the heat treatment takes.

Some bed bug infestations can be cleared with just one treatment, while others may require multiple visits. In some cases, heat treatment may be necessary over several months to completely eradicate a bedbug infestation. The treatment cost depends on the size of the home and the amount of infestation. A single treatment can cure a small infestation, while a large infestation may require two to four treatments in a row.

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