How Long Do Bed Bugs Take to Appear?

The answer to the question of how long do bed bugs take to appear is somewhat arbitrary, but you can estimate the timeline for your infestation by considering the size of the infestation. The nymph stage of bed bugs takes a week to develop and needs an ample amount of feeding opportunities to thrive. This can be estimated by the number of exuviae the bugs will leave behind. These can be found in the mattress tuft and can persist for about two weeks.

While bedbugs do not have raised wheals, their bites can leave blood stains on bedding and clothing. This is caused by the anticoagulant present in their saliva, which prevents blood clotting. The bites can also continue to bleed for a short period after the meal has been completed.

Luckily, most people do not see live bed bugs until the infestation has become serious. Even though they’re tiny, people can spot them by looking for their fecal stains. The stains will look like magic markers, and they will not easily come off with water. Bedbugs lay between one and seven eggs per day. Their eggs hatch in seven to ten days and measure one millimeter long.

Bedbugs reproduce by injecting small amounts of saliva onto their host’s skin. The saliva can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, and it can take up to 14 days for the bites to become visible. The bedbugs must feed regularly to reproduce and lay eggs.

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