How Fast Do Young Bed Bugs Move?

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Young bed bugs are smaller than adults and need to feed frequently. While adults can live up to four months without food, younger nymphs cannot. It is important to feed regularly to help young bugs molt and reach sexual maturity. A feeding schedule of once a week can help the nymphs survive.

When bed bugs are young, they are only a quarter of an inch long. However, as they feed, their abdomens expand. This expansion is impossible to see with the naked eye, so it is necessary to use a microscope. However, the expansion is not a good way to differentiate nymphs from adults.

Young bed bugs can bite just like adults. But unlike adult bed bugs, they do not live on the host. Instead, they live near the bedding. When the host is not around, the bed bugs can get to them. Once they get in, they will feed. Each feeding can make the nymph twice as big.

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