How Expensive is it to Treat Bed Bugs?

The cost of treating bed bugs varies considerably, and can be affected by a variety of factors, including the size of the infestation, the number of rooms affected, and the type of treatment required. In general, treating one room will cost less than treating a whole house or apartment. The costs also vary based on the type of treatment performed, with same-day emergency treatments being the most expensive.

A complete house treatment typically takes up to 48 hours, and more than one application is often needed to completely eliminate the infestation. Additionally, a follow-up visit will usually be necessary four to six weeks after the initial treatment, and can cost up to $200. The cost of such a follow-up visit will vary depending on the number of rooms affected.

Another factor that will affect the cost of treating bed bugs is the construction of the home. For example, a slab-style home does not have any space between the house’s foundation and its floor, making it difficult for bed bugs to penetrate. A pier-and-beam home, on the other hand, may have an infestation that extends underneath the home, requiring more square footage to calculate the cost of treatment.

The cost of a full house treatment is between $325 and $5,600. For a single-room infestation, the treatment may cost as little as $300. If the infestation is extensive, however, the price will be much higher, and may even require several follow-up treatments.

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