How Easy to Spot Bed Bugs

If you are curious about how easy it is to spot bed bugs, the best way is to conduct a thorough inspection. This can be done with the help of a flashlight and flat-edged object. You can start by looking under mattresses and box springs for signs of bedbugs. You can also turn over drawers and check their bottoms. Other areas to check are the folds of drapes and around window frames. You can also look inside alarm clocks and picture frames.

Bed bugs are small and can be difficult to detect, especially in the younger stages. They are 4-5 mm long and can extend up to 7 mm when engorged with blood. You can identify a bedbug by the shell casing it produces, which is translucent in appearance. Bedbugs tend to stick to hiding places, including the edges of upholstered furniture and holes in wooden furniture.

Another way to detect bedbugs is by their odor. Bedbugs produce a smell that is distinct from humans. It is due to their fecal secretions. It is brown or black in color. Generally, the smell of a bedbug’s body is very faint and many people mistake it for a different smell. Another early sign of bedbugs are bloodstains.

Bedbug bites are another sign of bedbug infestation, but they’re not the best way to tell if you’re experiencing an infestation. Bites are not always accompanied by skin rashes or fungal infections, which makes them a poor indicator. Additionally, you should not be overly alarmed if you’ve noticed a small cluster of bites around your bed.