How Easy Bed Bugs Spread

There are several things you can do to get rid of bed bugs. For example, you can inspect your mattresses and other items for evidence of bugs. Pulling the covers back will also let you look under the mattress. Be sure to look under the bed, as bedbug feces are usually not visible. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any bugs that may be hiding underneath your bed sheets. Be sure to use a plastic bag to store the cleaned items so they do not spread the infestation to other areas. You can also contact a pest control company for assistance.

In the early stages of infestation, bedbugs may only cause a few bites. They may even look like other insects. However, as time passes, the evidence of their presence will start to mount. Usually, the infestation is caused by female bedbugs, which lay up to three eggs a day if there is a source of food.

Unlike houseflies, bedbugs cannot fly, so they can only move from room to room by crawling. They move through cracks in walls and floors and can also ride on pipes. When people move from one room to another, they can also spread the bugs to other areas. Unless you use protective covers, they can also be carried on your clothes.

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