How Do Bed Bugs Turn Red?

Bedbugs bite humans, but the bites are not painful at the time of the attack. In most people, the reaction to bedbug bites is an allergic reaction to the saliva transmitted by the bugs. As a result, the skin may become red and swollen. The bites often appear in clusters or patterns.

When bedbugs eat, they leave a small red stain. These stains are often found near the foot of the bed or on a pillowcase. The space between a pillow and a pillowcase is an excellent hiding place for the bugs. The blood stains are often small and smeared. Over time, the stains will fade to a lighter brown color.

If the infestation continues, you may need to contact an exterminator. You can also check the environment around your home to prevent further infestation. If the temperature is too hot or too dry, bugs may move from outdoors to indoors. Excessive heat or rain can also cause them to rush indoors. In addition, they can easily get into a home through cracks in the walls or around windows.

Although bedbugs are similar to mosquitoes and fleas, their appearance can be mistaken for other types of insects. Bedbugs may look like a fly or a cockroach nymph. When you see these signs, call a pest control company or property manager immediately. Do not attempt to kill bedbugs with bug spray or a fogger, as these treatments have very little effect on the insects. The insecticides can cause allergic reactions in some people, so you must call a professional pest control service to help you remove them.

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