How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

Bed bugs are a common problem for travelers. They can spread from one place to another and can become a serious issue in large cities. The main culprit is shared accommodation. In addition to hotels, bed bugs can be transferred from office buildings, schools, and even on public transportation. A person who has just slept in an unfamiliar bed may have bed bugs on their clothes or even their wheelchair.

Bed bugs are small and wingless insects. They feed on animal or human blood and live in a variety of places. Adult bed bugs will migrate to another room as soon as there is a source of food. They can travel up to four feet per minute and may enter an area through cracks in the walls. This makes them especially common in apartments and hotel rooms.

The best way to prevent bed bugs from causing damage is to prevent their spread. The easiest way to do this is to take precautions. Putting protective layers on box springs and mattresses will prevent them from being infested. Also, it’s important to hang your clothes and personal belongings.

When traveling, it is important to check the contents of your luggage to prevent an infestation. Bed bugs can easily travel with luggage. Often, even a short car ride can leave your luggage infested. Always check the contents and seams of your bags, and make sure they are clean.

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