How Do Bed Bugs Hide?

You can’t escape the fact that bed bugs are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore them. These creepy little creatures can be hard to spot, and even the smallest cracks can become hiding places for them. If you suspect that your home may have bed bugs, you should first check your furniture and sofas. A magnifying glass or flashlight is helpful for this task. You should also try to search for these bugs during the day when there’s as much light as possible.

One of the most common ways that bedbugs enter your home is through cracks in the bed frame or mattress. This is a common entry point, and finding out how bedbugs got into your home is crucial in preventing future infestations. Because bedbugs don’t like the light, they prefer to hide in dark places.

Female bed bugs like to live in dark, shaded areas. This way, they can avoid being eaten by other insects. They lay their eggs in these areas, which are about a millimeter long and white. The eggs are hard to spot, especially on light-colored surfaces. If you are unsure, check out our guide on how to detect bed bugs in order to get rid of them.

While these bugs are unable to survive outside the bed, they can survive indoors in other parts of the house. They can live in furniture, including dresser drawers, and nightstands. Those places are often infested and can provide a good place for these insects to live.

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