How Do Bed Bugs Get on Dogs?

Bedbugs can infest dogs, but you can prevent them from getting onto your dog with some simple prevention methods. One of the best ways to prevent infestation is to avoid bringing your pet into public spaces where bedbugs can easily be spread. In addition to avoiding bringing your pet into public places, make sure that your pet’s bedding and plush toys are thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of bedbugs.

Bedbugs prefer to feed on humans, but they will bite dogs too. They can live for months in an empty house if they have a source of food. One feed from a dog will keep a bedbug alive for several months, and two or three bedbugs in a home can produce a large infestation in a matter of months.

Unlike fleas and ticks, bedbugs do not live on a dog’s skin or hair. They prefer to feed at night, but when they cannot find a meal during the day, they will take advantage of a pet’s body heat and CO2 levels. Dogs are also susceptible to attracting these insects due to their high metabolic rate.

Although bedbugs cannot live on a dog’s fur, they can be transported by a dog’s collar. Since bedbugs prefer human blood over dog blood, they are likely to travel from one animal to another. This means they can get onto your dog’s clothes and luggage, and can infest your home.

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