How Can Bed Bugs Get on Cats?

If your cat seems to be scratching a lot, bed bugs may be the culprit. Bedbug bites are not only itchy, but can also leave little scratch wounds. These can become infected and harbor bacteria. Your vet can give you advice on how to treat your cat and get rid of the bedbugs for good.

If you suspect your cat has bedbugs, clean his bedding frequently. It is important to wash bed covers regularly and dry them in the highest temperature. You should also wash any bedding, stuffed animals, toys, and clothing in hot water and dry it thoroughly. It is also important to avoid moving these items to other rooms. Moreover, you should vacuum the surfaces where the bugs lay their eggs. This will help to dislodge any eggs or larva.

Bed bugs love warm bodies, such as human skin. They do not like the fur of cats or dogs. Their primary lures are carbon dioxide and warmth. These two substances are found in human body parts and can be detected by a person or a pet. If you find bedbugs on your cat, it is crucial to get rid of the infestation as soon as possible.

Bedbugs are more active at night. If they can’t find a suitable meal at night, they may attack during the day. Unlike humans, cats are not attracted to bedbugs and do not eat them. However, they may try to eat them. This can cause the cats to get bedbug bites. Besides, bedbugs have a foul odor and may even taste horrible.

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