How Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Bedbugs are not able to fly because they don’t have wings. They can move over the ground, but not over large distances. They can climb, though, so they can be transported by humans. This makes them one of the most common residential pests. But, what exactly are their flight mechanisms?

Interestingly enough, bedbugs don’t have wings, and have evolved without them for a long time. These tiny insects live in secret near their human hosts and crawl out at night to feed. This means they cannot fly through windows and doors. However, it’s important to note that cleanliness does not necessarily influence their introduction into a home. Instead, these pests are brought into a house by humans who are constantly moving around. They can also get in suitcases or backpacks and can crawl through fabric items.

In addition to crawling, bedbugs can also climb. They are unable to fly, but they can move at a speed of two centimeters per second. They can crawl to cracks in furniture or to climb the bed frame. Moreover, they can crawl a distance of 10 feet. If you’re worried about these bugs invading your home, you can invest in a bed bug interceptor to prevent them from climbing the bed frame.

Because of their limited wings, bedbugs can’t fly or jump. However, they can move through walls, floor openings, and ceilings. They can also climb on pipes. As a result, bedbugs can spread from one place to another if they are unchecked. Moreover, they can travel through clothing of people. Hence, a bedbug infestation can spread over a short period of time.

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