How Bed Bugs Spread

There are two main ways in which bed bugs spread – through human contact or by hitchhiking. Bed bugs can hop on clothing or luggage and then make their way home, where they can infest other areas as well. This way, they can infest a neighboring home or spread through a building.

Bed bugs can spread throughout your home and you can pick up the bugs from another place, like your neighbor’s home, when you visit a hotel, or when you buy a used couch at a thrift store. Learning how bed bugs spread can help you reduce your risk of becoming infested with these tiny, blood-sucking pests. However, once an infestation has spread, it can be difficult to eradicate. In addition, it can cost a lot of money to get rid of them.

Another common way for bed bugs to spread is through shared laundry facilities. You can pick up bed bugs by using a shared washer and dryer. You can also bring them home in things that you buy, like carpets, clothing, or furniture. Furniture often ends up on the sidewalk, where people can pick it up. It may be left there by accident, or you can look for it.

The easiest way to prevent bed bugs from spreading into your home is to keep them away from people and furniture. You can prevent this by storing your used furniture in a sealed bag and washing it on the highest setting. Alternatively, you can get professional help to clean larger items.

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