How Bed Bugs Bites Look

Knowing how bed bugs bites look is essential for detecting infestations. Bedbugs often leave behind bites that resemble hives. To determine if you are experiencing these bites, you should consult a professional pest control company. While many people insist that bedbugs bites will appear in a zigzag, arc, or straight line, they may occur in one of these shapes or in no specific pattern at all.

Baby bedbugs start out about the size of a sesame seed and grow to be about five millimeters long as adults. You will notice blood in their bites after they’ve fed, and they’ll usually live for months before feeding again. Because of their similarity to acne, people mistake bedbug bites for this type of infection and spend hundreds of dollars treating the skin. However, these bugs are very different in terms of body structure. Their main purpose is to feed.

You can tell if you’re infected by bedbugs if you see a cluster of bites on your skin or if you notice small, blood-red or black spots on your sheets or bedding. In general, bedbug bites appear on areas exposed while sleeping. They tend to occur in clusters, usually three to five. In addition, they usually appear on dark areas of your body, such as your arms and abdomen.

People who have severe allergies to bedbugs can experience hives and red welts on their skin. In these cases, the welts can become a secondary infection. This is a serious medical condition, and if it occurs, your skin could become permanently scarred.

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