How Accurate is Dog Sniffing For Bed Bugs?

A recent study looked at the effectiveness of bedbug detection dogs and their false-positive rates. The results showed that dogs detected bedbugs in about 44% of cases, while 56% were not detected. Although the results are encouraging, the study also shows that the dogs often misread the signals they pick up.

Bed bug detection dogs can detect bugs at any stage of development, from egg to adult. They can detect their presence in air concentrations of less than 1 part per billion (ppb) and can sniff out their odors. Regular bed bug sweeps are an important way to decrease the population and catch them early. Regular inspections also demonstrate due diligence and can prevent bad publicity that may be caused by infestations.

To test the accuracy of dog sniffing for bed bugs, researchers placed adult bed bugs into polyvinyl chloride containers with small holes to release their scent. The researchers were able to determine which species were found when dogs were trained. The trained dogs were able to distinguish between live and dead bed bugs and German cockroaches.

Dogs trained to detect bed bugs have a high detection rate and can cover large areas quickly. This helps prevent tenant complaints, and it reduces remediation costs in the long run. Additionally, regular canine inspections protect the reputation of a business and reduce the financial and brand damage of infestations.

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