Does Washing Clothes Kill Bed Bugs?

There is a misconception that washing clothes kills bed bugs. While washing clothes may kill the bugs in a small amount, drying them on high temperatures is the best way to kill bed bugs. Drying clothes at 120 degrees F will kill any bed bugs that have been infesting your clothing. Afterward, inspect your clothes carefully to ensure that they do not contain any bugs. If you suspect that some of the clothes may still have bugs on them, you should take them to a dry cleaner for proper treatment.

Hot water washing is also helpful in killing bed bugs. The hot water temperature of the wash should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit and the clothes should be placed in plastic bags. This method will effectively kill all bed bugs and their eggs. You should also treat any wardrobes or suitcases that might have been in contact with bed bugs. It is also advisable to place clean clothes in sealed plastic bags.

Laundry detergents with high temperatures can kill bed bugs. These detergents do not need to be expensive or special. You can use washing up liquid or even regular laundry detergent to wash the clothes. Using the hottest water setting will ensure the kill of the bed bugs without damaging fabric or elastic. It is also a good idea to wash clothes in laundromats, where temperatures are higher than those in your home.

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