Do Bed Bugs Need to Be Reported to the Health Department?

The first step in eradicating bed bugs is to identify the infestation. You can begin by inspecting the rooms in which the insects are found. You can search for cracks and crevices where the bugs may hide. You can also exclude any birds or bats that might be present on your property. Although most birds are protected by law, they should be removed from the premises to prevent the spread of these insects.

Bedbugs are very small and difficult to detect without a magnifying glass. These insects usually live in a dark corner of a room. The eggs are tiny white and difficult to see without a magnifying glass. These pests are most active at night, and they are most active in areas within five to twenty feet of where people sleep. They tend to collect in mattress crevices, head-boards, and box springs. Despite their small size, bedbugs can spread from room to room quickly.

Inspecting used furniture is an important first step in eliminating bedbug infestations. If you discover that your home is infested with these bugs, dispose of it immediately in a sealed garbage bag. In addition to cleaning the home, you should also remove any old clothes, suitcases, and other items that may contain bed bugs. If the infestation is in a bedroom, make sure you wash all bedding on hot temperatures and dry it on high heat. You should also make sure you inspect the seams of your mattress.

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