Do Bed Bugs Hate Vanilla?

Vanilla is a natural deterrent to bed bugs, which makes it an excellent remedy for a bed bug problem. You can buy pure vanilla extract from a health food store or online. But be sure to buy the pure kind, without alcohol or sugar, as these can attract the insects. Dilute it with one tablespoon of pure water. Alternatively, you can use essential oils such as lemongrass or peppermint, which will also repel the bugs.

The scent of lavender is also very effective for deterring bed bugs. But be careful, it can be quite strong, which is why many people do not use it around their beds. If you want to use it on your bed, place a sachet of lavender in the area where you suspect bed bugs are living. Alternatively, you can apply some lavender oil to your exposed skin.

While bed bugs do not spread disease, their bites can irritate human skin and can cause anaphylactic reactions. For this reason, a more powerful solution should be used if you find an infestation to be very serious. You may want to try essential oils or professional bed bug sprays.

Cinnamon can also be used as a natural bed bug repellent. It repels bed bugs and helps keep your home free of pests. It is effective on your bed and can also be mixed with washing liquid. It’s best to use a few drops per thirty ml of water.

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