Do Bed Bugs Give You a Rash?

Bed bugs are known to bite, so it’s important to know how to treat them if you think you have been bitten. A bed bug bite can be a painful experience and can even result in an allergic reaction. If your bed bug bite is severe, you should consider seeing a dermatologist. A dermatologist can diagnose the problem and prescribe antihistamines if necessary. A bed bug bite can also be a source of low self-esteem because of misinformation about the bugs and what causes them. However, bed bugs bites are generally not serious and healing is usually quick and painless.

Bedbug bites often appear as red bumps on the skin. They are most likely on the arms, legs and neck, but they can appear anywhere. The rash that develops from bedbug bites is sometimes accompanied by hives or other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

When bedbug bites are infected, the skin reacts by producing histamine. The histamine produced by the insect causes an itchy reaction. The rash can last for several days, or it can even turn into a bruising or a scar. The rash is usually non-life-threatening and can be treated with a Benadryl or stronger antihistamine.

Bedbug bites are usually red and itchy. However, the rash is often delayed and can appear a day or two after the bug bites. This can be difficult for people with sensitive skin.

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