Do Bed Bugs Die With Heat?

One of the most effective bedbug killing methods is heat. Heat is very effective in killing bedbugs because it reaches every part of the house. Heat penetrates all the surfaces in a room, killing all the bedbugs within the space. With a good air flow, heat is also able to penetrate areas that are more protected than the rest of the house. Furthermore, heat also continues to heat the air, killing any remaining bugs.

In addition to heat, bedbugs also die by exposure to cold. Heat kills bedbugs within a few minutes if it reaches a certain temperature. However, heat is not always effective. Some heat-treatments are not as effective as others, because bed bugs can survive at a lower temperature for a longer period of time.

When using heat to kill bedbugs, you must ensure that the heat is strong enough and stays constant for a long time. You should get professional help in order to make sure the heater is properly installed and is set to the right temperature. Heat will kill a large majority of bedbugs, but it is not guaranteed to kill every single one.

While previous mortality thresholds have allowed bedbugs to adapt to temperature, recent studies have found that bedbugs will die within an hour at 113 degF. In addition, this temperature kills a third of adult bedbugs, but only half the eggs. For a 100% kill rate, the temperature must be higher than 126 degF.

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