Do Bed Bugs Cause Hives?

People who are allergic to bedbug bites may experience hives, which are usually red, swollen bumps that appear on the skin. The welts may be isolated to one part of the body, such as the face, but they may also occur anywhere on the body. A person suffering from hives should consult with an allergist to rule out other causes. The allergist will also perform a skin prick test to determine the severity of the allergy.

Bedbugs do not always feed every night, and they can go for weeks without eating. It may be difficult to notice an infestation after a couple of weeks, so it’s important to take measures to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible. Bedbugs multiply quickly, and the females lay eggs every three to four days. Inflammation from bedbug bites can be treated with an over-the-counter or prescription steroid cream. If the symptoms persist, doctors may prescribe a stronger antihistamine.

Adult bedbugs are about 4mm long, oval-shaped, and reddish brown. Nymphs are smaller and paler. These bugs prefer secluded areas and are not flightless. However, bedbugs can live almost anywhere, so it’s important to treat any infestation with a professional to ensure you don’t get sick.

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