Do Bed Bugs Carry Disease?

Bed bugs are not known to transmit any disease to humans, but they can carry many bacteria and viruses. The fact that they can survive for long periods without feeding on human blood should not discourage you from keeping your house free of them. However, it is important to keep your bedbug-free house clean. Bed bugs are capable of surviving for months without a meal.

Bed bugs are small insects that resemble a cockroach or an apple seed with legs. The eggs they lay are white and hard to see. These insects feed on humans while they sleep, so you must pay attention to their bites. Their bites are often accompanied by welts or rash, but the bites themselves are not infectious.

Fortunately, bed bugs do not carry any disease, but they can be extremely irritating. They leave an itchy mark, which is similar to that of other bugs. If you experience itching, you should seek medical attention. If you think you may have a secondary infection, you should avoid the area.

While bed bugs have been suspected of transmitting various diseases, recent studies have found that they are not known to carry any disease. The National Pest Management Association and various extension programs are the most reliable sources of information. They are the best resource for accurate information about the threat of bed bugs to public health.

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