Do Bed Bugs Bite Cats?

Many cat owners may wonder, do bed bugs bite cats? The answer is yes, but they can also be allergic to them. Bed bug bites on cats look like pink welts and can cause intense itching. If you have a cat with a flea collar, he or she will be protected from getting bitten by bed bugs.

Cats are not a prime target for bed bugs, but they will feed on cats if they are close to a cat’s bed. These tiny parasites feed on warm-blooded animals and are attracted to sleeping mammals. They are also skilled hitchhikers and hiders. Cats are also vulnerable to the bites of these pests, but they will only remain attached to the cat for a few minutes and then return to their hiding spot.

Although bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases, cats that are exposed to them can become infected with them. Infections caused by bed bugs can lead to skin infections and allergic reactions. To protect your cat from a bed bug infestation, you need to inspect your cat for signs of bedbug bites.

If you think your cat is bitten by bedbugs, you should clean her bedding and bed linens often. Bedbugs usually live in bedding, so be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly. Using a detergent with anti-bug properties is highly recommended.

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