Can You Use Alcohol on Bed Bugs?

You can use alcohol to kill bed bugs. But you must be aware of the dangers. The liquid is flammable, so you should keep it away from heat sources, as it can cause serious burns. In addition, it has an unpleasant smell. So, you must spray it only on the bugs that you want to kill.

The best way to kill bedbugs using alcohol is to spray it directly on the infestation. But this method is not effective unless you spray it liberally and soak the mattress. The treatment must be repeated every two weeks. Moreover, it only provides temporary relief. Alcohol can also kill ticks and lice, but it can’t treat large infestations.

Alcohol kills adult bed bugs, but it won’t kill the eggs or larvae. Alcohol works by destroying the thin layer of cells that covers their shell and helps conserve moisture. So, rubbing alcohol can effectively kill them, but it won’t kill them immediately. Applying multiple coats of alcohol will speed up the process of killing the bugs.

There are many other ways to kill bedbugs. One of them is to spray your house with a solution of diatomaceous earth and alcohol. This combination will also work on carpets and baseboards. It will kill the bugs on contact, but it might also damage wood surfaces. You should also empty your nightstands and dressers to get rid of any bedbugs you may have.

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