Will Ants Hurt My Garden?

Often, ants are beneficial to gardens. They aerate the soil and provide water. In addition, ants protect aphids from predators.

If ants are causing damage to your garden, there are some simple ways to get rid of them. First, you can try a homemade solution of borax and cornmeal. These are inexpensive and effective. In addition, they are safe for vegetable crops.

Another method is to place a sticky barrier on your plant. Make sure to replace it every two weeks. If ants still manage to get through, you’ll have to try a more thorough method.

You can also use a natural, organic ant repellent. Orange Guard contains orange peel extract and d-Limonene. It is safe to use on your garden and is completely natural.

You can also try applying a chemical ant powder to your compost or soil. Make sure to wear gloves and check the label before using this method.

If you have a venomous ant infestation, you may be unable to use this method. However, it’s a good option for smaller, non-venomous ants. This method will also allow you to treat the colony directly instead of using insecticides on your plants.

If you’re having trouble controlling ants in your garden, it’s important to find the source. Generally, excessive ants are caused by ideal conditions. A super colony is difficult to eradicate. In addition, ants may come into your home seeking food.

Carpenter ants are among the oldest living creatures on earth. They are native to many parts of the world. They do little damage to garden plants but they can cause damage to wooden structures.