Why Ants Work So Hard

Among the hardest working insects, ants certainly hold a place of honor. These small insects are able to work for hours without any fatigue. They also have impressively strong mandibles. They can chew through rock and soil. They also use their mandibles to shape food.

In fact, ants can lift 50 times their own weight. They also have a well-developed metabolism, which helps them burn energy quickly.

Other hard-working insects include termites. They can excavate deep underground chambers for food and rest. They are also great at pollinating plants. They pollinate many types of flowers and vegetables. They also recycle organic matter.

Among the most amazing aspects of ants is their ability to work together. They can construct huge nests and sew leaves together. They also clean up dead animals and debris on the ground.

Another cool fact about ants is their ability to produce an invisible trail of food. This is called a pheromone and is used to detect the food source. They also use their mandibles for digging.

Aside from their mandibles, ants also have external teeth. They also use sound and touch to communicate with each other. They also use multiple sensors for locomotion.

The largest ant in the world is the Pheidole genus. It is a little larger than Solenopsis phoretica, but still small enough to be able to carry items ten times its own weight.

Another ant with impressive abilities is the bee. It pollinates many types of flowers, plants, and nuts.