Why Ants Like Peonies

During the late spring and early summer, ants become attracted to peonies. These insects provide the peonies with the nectar they need to bloom. They also protect the peonies from other insects. The ants are also helpful to the soil.

Whenever a scout finds nectar, it releases a pheromone. The pheromone attracts other ants. The scouts follow the pheromone trail and swarm around the plant in search of food. Those that find the nectar quickly return to their nest.

Peonies attract ants because of their sugary nectar. This nectar is composed of amino acids and sugars. It is very nutritious for the insects.

The ants aren’t interested in eating the peony buds, but they do help the peonies open. The ants leave the peony when the nectar is gone. This is called the marshmallow stage.

Peonies also attract ants because of their sweet scent. This scent is also important to the ants. They follow the scent trail to find food and defend the peony against other insects.

To remove ants from the peonies, try the following tips. Dip the flower in water or shake the blooms.

The most effective way to get rid of ants is by shaking the blooms. This also works if the blooms are already in a vase.

Another method is to use garlic water. Garlic is a good natural pesticide. You can also add a few drops of cayenne pepper to the water. These methods will kill the ants without hurting the peonies.