Which Ants Eat Wood?

Various species of ants are responsible for eating wood. Some ants do not eat wood but instead tunnel through decayed wood to make a nest. Others ants eat wood and insects and are known as carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are social hymenopteran insects that are found in North America. Their bodies are dark brown or black in color with a reddish-brown head. Their mouthparts are long and have strong teeth. Carpenter ants also have jointed antennae.

Carpenter ants eat insects, scale insects, honeydew, sugar, proteins, and meats. They can also eat honeydew produced by aphids. Carpenter ants are often confused with termites but termites have wings while carpenter ants do not.

Carpenter ants can cause major structural damage to homes. They are also a threat to the structural integrity of trees. Carpenter ants enter buildings through cracks around doors and windows, and may also use shrubs as entry points. Their colonies can be located in walls, crawl spaces, insulation, and cardboard boxes.

Carpenter ants are a pest, especially when the colony is large. Their attacks can cause damage to wood, and in some cases, they release toxic substances to defend themselves. Carpenter ants are also aggressive when they are provoked. They will inject venom into a person’s skin if they are threatened. They have large jaws for chewing wood.

Carpenter ants are most common in the western U.S., but they can also be found in the eastern and southern U.S. The western black carpenter ant colony can contain up to 50,000 individuals. They are black in color and usually have a wingless queen. The ants in these colonies tend to be larger than the workers.