Where Does Ants Live?

ANTS are tiny insects that live on all continents other than Antarctica. They are also known for their love of sweet things. In some parts of the world, ants are even known to live in homes.

The majority of ants live in colonies. These colonies are created by a single fertilized queen. The queen usually lives in a nest located at the center of the colony. Workers will gather food from the surrounding area and bring it back to the colony. Eventually, the colony will grow and produce thousands of workers.

These workers use chemicals to find food and communicate with each other. They also build elaborate tunnels underground. This tunnel system allows them to store food and raise young. The worker ants follow pheromone trails that help them locate food sources.

Various species of ants build nests in wood or decaying wood. Some ants build nests in hollow doors, wall voids and attic rafters. Some ants even chew tunnels into wooden structures.

During spring, ants will build nests underneath rocks. The rocks will serve as heat sources to keep the larvae warm. In warmer climates, they may also build nests indoors.

Some ants build nests beneath concrete slabs or pavement. Other ants build nests in the soil. The walls of the nests are made strong by the addition of pine needles.

Carpenter ants are known for excavating nests in damaged wood. Carpenter ants also build nests inside of hollow doors and attic rafters.